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When it comes to wedding receptions, you can't afford to take chances. You need shoes that are as fashion-forward as you are. Nova Mehron is simply a fashion statement! You want to make a statement at that wedding? You've finally met your match.

Handmade Perfection
Highly skilled designers pour their hearts into each pair, providing you only get the best.

Genuine Leather
There will be no compromises. These shoes display luxury, toughness, and a fair amount of attitude. There will be no faking.

Feather-light Comfort
Weddings involve hours of standing, chatting, and dancing as if no one is looking. Nova Mehron understands.


6/39, 7/40, 8/41, 9/42, 10/43, 11/44, and 12/45

Put them on and notice how each step reflects confidence and style. You're not simply going to the event; you're in charge of it.